My Collection

DHardingI have been collecting antique and vintage arms for over 15 years.  My preference is for pistols and revolvers (I hate the term “handgun”) and collect generally between the dates of 1850 and 1920.  I have some muzzle loading pocket pistols that were made well before 1850 and one of my latest guns is a factory engraved Colt’s Single Action revolver, made in 1978, the year I went to Oxford and joined the OU Pistol Club.



Although much of my collection is legally antique, I also collect “vintage” arms, which require a firearms certificate.  In the UK this would be pistols that satisfy the conditions of Section 7 of the 1997 Firearms Act, such as this Colt 1911 pistol, chambered for 455 Eley and assigned to the Royal Air Force in 1918.


Pistols have been my thing since my mother bought me at the age of 8 a Bancroft Tiddlers book on “Pistols”.  Since then one of my objects has been to collect ever pistol described in that book.  Apart from the Walker Colt, I am not far off that ambition!

BancroftT2Although Pistols are my favourite, I have a small collection of vintage rifles, including this fine Rook and Rabbit rifle, chambered for the obsolete cartridge, 300 Rook.  I bought it because it has a perfect bore and I wanted to see how well it would shoot.    The answer is, superbly, and it keyholes at 25 yards with its original aperture sights.  It is now listed on my certificate with a “good reason” of collection and preservation with occasional shooting.

RookI will be posting articles about Colt, Smith Wesson, Webley illustrated with pictures of guns from my collection.  I am hoping that I can entice other collectors to sent images of their guns.

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